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Esteban Amaya, Kevin Reilly and Brian Ray are good friends whose hearts are bound together to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ in Latin America. Each month, we discuss the needs of pastors and prayerfully select the recipient(s) of the proceeds. 

About Us


Esteban Amaya

Esteban, Bethany, Josiah, Lidia, and Julia. Esteban is from Bolivia, and Bethany is from Indiana. Esteban came to Costa Rica in 2011 to serve as the pastor in a local church after finishing his studies at the Word of Life Bible Institute in Argentina. About a year later, he met Bethany, who had been in Costa Rica since 2009 serving with SCORE International. They married, and now have three beautiful children.  

Both are passionate about discipleship and sharing the Gospel. They want to see God’s Kingdom expand through the local church through evangelism and discipleship.

Esteban says, "I love teaching God’s Word, and I have the privilege of doing so in the local church and also through partnerships with IBAC ministries and EvanTell ministries. IBAC is a ministry that is dedicated to training and preparing pastors and church leaders theologically so that they can be more efficient in their leadership in the local church. EvanTell provides evangelism training for the local church. 

My family has a place in our hearts for pastoral care and encouraging those in full-time ministry. I am blessed to be a part of CBI (Biblical fellowship for churches) whose desire is to encourage and support pastors and missionaries, whether it be through teaching, counseling, financial support, or other means. 


Kevin and Tia (Cynthia) Reilly


Working with local ministries in Costa Rica and throughout Latin America, to bring the Lord's good news to all.


Sent by Grace Baptist church and serving with Grace Global Ministries, both out of Cedarville, Ohio, we are the Reilly’s—Kevin and Tia. Kevin is passionate about leadership training and mobilizing the local church for world evangelism. Tia's ministries revolve around her enthusiasm for Christian education, music, and women’s ministries.

Kevin and Tia are convinced that a healthy church is needed to mobilize the local church into missions and that a healthy church needs a healthy pastor. Their missions involvement in Central America and South America dates to 1992. They presently serve in Costa Rica.

Over the years our ministries have included work in:

· Church planting and church support

· Education in international Christian schools

· Pastoral training and support

· Prison ministries including prison chaplaincy training

· Music and women’s ministries

Ministry during the global pandemic

Currently, much of Kevin’s time is spent with training seminars online – with church groups and also in chaplaincy training. While the global pandemic has kept us from various plans of working in nearby countries, it has also provided opportunities to reach into Latin American countries far away via Zoom technology. We have seminars with churches in Mexico, Argentina, and Bolivia, for example. Tia currently has a pastor English-as-a-second-language class with pastors from South and Central America; in 2021, she will be working with Latino ministry workers from Central and South America in English studies as well. As the globe has become smaller and smaller, many ministry workers are needing the English language to bridge communication for pastoral relations, theological studies, and team encounters.

The prison ministry also continues in a different format. While for a long time, volunteers could not enter the prisons to minister to the prisoners, we did receive a donation from the Gideon’s Bible organization and were able to deliver New Testaments and tracts to the officials and guards who work in the prisons.

Furthermore, the chaplaincy training has been continuing through Zoom sessions as various volunteers have been appointed by the government to be the first evangelical chaplains with official permission to enter the prisons.


Over the years, our four children lived and worked with us in Paraguay and in Costa Rica. Now they are situated and settled with their own families in Ohio, with our four grandchildren—except for our youngest. Tara is spending this past year and next year with us here in San Jose, Costa Rica, working at Sojourn Academy.


Brian Ray

Brian Ray is the Executive Director for the Clark County Fuller Center in Springfield, Ohio. Since 2016, he has chaperoned Legacy Christian Academy students on their annual, missions trip to Costa Rica. This opportunity to engage with Latino pastors and ministry leaders has inspired a deep desire to deepen those relationships and bring unique teams to enhance ongoinging ministry.

Brian manages Beaningful Brew’s web site and facilitates coffee orders and shipping. He and his wife, Shari, live in Cedarville. They have four grown children and love spending time with their four, grandchildren.

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