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Beaningful Brew

      ... our signature coffee is a "light to medium roast" coffee bean grown in the Tarrazu Region of Costa Rica. The coffee is available as "whole bean" or "ground" according your preference. A sealed bag of our coffee has a shelf life of 8 months. An opened bag of coffee will remain fresh for at least a couple months.

As delicious as a cup of Beaningful Brew coffee is ... it's not about the coffee! Please read through our "Stories." Beaningful Brew is about promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ. The majority of proceeds from the sale of our coffee are distributed to meet special needs of pastors and missionaries in Latin America. The balance of the funds are also used for training, discipleship and travel expenses. 

Keeping our costs low maximizes the ministry impact. We need regional volunteers who are willing to distribute bags of coffee for a $16 donation. Shipping two bags of coffee to a consumer costs about $6 per bag; whereas shipping ten (or more) bags to a local distributor, brings the shipping cost down to near $2 per bag.

We understand your reluctance to sign up to promote coffee you've not yet tasted. We are happy to ship you two, bags for $32. Some want to help with shipping, but we do not require it.

Distributor Commitment

1. Receive a shipment of 10 or more bags of Beaningful Brew.

2. Promote and distribute Beaningful Brew to family and friends.

3. Send in the proceeds via a personal check, Venmo or Paypal.

Beaningful Brew Distributors

If you live near Cedarville, OH, send me an email and I will deliver your coffee!

Please direct any further inquiries to:


Brian Ray

Please include “Beaningful” in the subject line.

Contact Us

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