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The Reyes Family

David is a missionary pastor serving with Word of Life in Bolivia. He and his wife, Elsa, have been married eighteen years and have two children, Tamara (16) and Bernabe’ (14). David and his family serve the local church in the areas of teaching and discipleship.

In May of this year, while working on the Word of Life property, David was injured while working on a high voltage, irritation pump. He suffered second-degree burns on both of his hands. He underwent treatment to replace the skin and restore the movement of his fingers and function of his hands.

David says “By our God’s grace, today I am well and able to rejoin many activities. I want to thank everyone for the financial support and prayers. They were a great blessing to us as a family. It has been difficult financially because of the accident, the situation the world is facing with COVID-19, and the political situation here in Bolivia. A large part of our support is from my working weekends as a taxi driver. Because of the quarantine and restrictions, this has not been possible. I am thankful to God for using you in a great way, and we are happy to see His provisional hand and care through this time. We are praying for the plans you have with the coffee and the great purpose of being a blessing to others. It fills us with joy to see how God is leading and prospering the plans.

Thank you very much for your friendship and fellowship in the great family that our Lord formed here on earth through his precious blood with the hope that one day we will be able to be together enjoying His presence.”


The Reyes Family

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