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Healthy Pastors, Healthy Congregations -

The reason we sell our coffee 

How it Works

How It Works

Every purchase of Beaningful Brew coffee helps to meet needs and encourage pastors throughout Latin America. Those who are not coffee drinkers are invited to support this ministry with a one-time donation or as a monthly supporter.


After expenses, which include coffee, shipping and a web presence, 70% of the proceeds are given to a pastor in Latin America. The remaining 30% is used to provide training, which includes materials and travel expenses. A monthly accounting will be posted on this site. 


We trust that you will stay connected by following the stories on our blog. The mission of Beaningful Brew is to support pastors throughout Latin America with encouragement and training in support of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Buy any amount of coffee

Funds are donated to pastors in Latin America

Ministries flourish

Delicious Costa Rican coffee

that helps others in need.

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